Tales of New Dunhaven

Dusk City Outlaws - The Prologue
The first seven sessions, the first four jobs

The Little Museum Job

Crew: Crimson Lions
The mysterious Diana hired a team to steal back the deed to a local museum from a corrupt noble, one Derek Venitez, who had cheated the property out from under its rightful commoner owner. Before it could be sold away, the crew stole the deed and much of Venitez's valuables, covering their escape by blowing up a septic tank to cause chaos.

The Horsenapping Job

Crew: Cackling Crows
The Vespers wanted to steal the prize racing horse Little Comet from a man named Shaun Sterling, the leader of a street gang known as the Men-At-Arms. The crew learned the trick to calming the irritable horse through his veterinarian. They then distracted and brawled their way into the Men-At-Arms compound and rode the horse out, though not without discovering the Men-At-Arms' contacts from the Blooded cartel…

The Seven Seas Job

Crew: Cackling Crows
The Red Lotus Society wanted to steal a schooner known as The Opal from the docks of the Blooded who were intruding upon Red Lotus turf. The crew managed this by gathering up a crew of their own, killing the Blooded ship captain to cause chaos, then showing up in disguise as "reinforcements" to commandeer the ship and deliver it to the Society out at sea.

The Bookworm Job

Crew: Obsidian Coin
Related to the Little Museum job, Diana wanted the black ledger from a corrupt magistrate detailing all of his secret payments and deals in exchange for certain verdicts in his court. The crew infiltrated his clerks and his book club and hunted down the alchemist that helped chemically hide the ledger in a regular book. Unfortunately, the crew was raided by the City Watch in the middle of planning and were crippled by the temporary loss of two members. Regardless, the crew arranged for a staged reading of the magistrate's favorite novel as a youth, turning it into a fundraising soiree, while they snuck upstairs, revealed the ledger, and escaped with it into the night, leaving behind a little chaos in their wake.

The Obsidian Coin crew discovered just how valuable the black ledger really was, but turned it over to Diana anyway. On her way out, she inadvertently revealed herself to be a Spider, a member of a turncoat cartel and one of the Crown's elite spies. Though Spiders don't usually bother operating this way…


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