Obsidian Coin


Core Members

  • Alfons Bashir, Alchemist from The Family (DigoDragon)
  • Katya Dragov, Assassin from The Circle (AvisEcho)
  • Trixanna Buckland, Beguiler from The Mummers (Smarty)
  • Alan de Amour, Mastermind from The Vespers (AKCodeman)
  • Rebecca Lin, Cleaner from The Red Lotus Society (Xencarn)

General XP: 5
Mummers XP: 2

Recurring Characters
Evan the Cobbler
Beatrice the Vesper Poisoner


Past Jobs
The Bookworm Job
The Nut Job
The Third Act Job
The Motherland Job
The Til Death Job

Note: Katya, Alfons, and Rebecca are currently imprisoned in the Castle, being questioned by the Church.

Obsidian Coin

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