General Tips


Check Your Microphone

Make sure you're not too loud or too quiet. Make sure there isn't too much background noise like creaking and air. Hold a test call in Discord with someone else while you play games. Record yourself in Audacity and listen to it. Learn how to get to your Recording Devices in your computer's Control Panel and tweak your microphone settings. Any of these things will help you sound better and clearer.

Perform a Little

The best podcast performances come from chemistry, and I can't force you to have that if you're grouped up with strangers instead of friends. I don't want to put too much pressure on anyone trying to just play some tabletop. But when given the choice between the safe and sensible approach and a daring but risky approach, consider sometimes taking the more fun idea. Make silly things happen, even to the Judge's annoyance. Put on a bit of a show.


So far, legwork scenes have been the most time-consuming parts of the game, creating endless Part 2s and squeezing the final drama scene tight. Here are a few things to consider going forward:

  • Hyper-focus on the one thing you want to get out of the scene. A document, a treasure, a vehicle, an ally, an informant, whatever it is – make the goal one thing, not a broad set of things or a generic "whatever I can get."
  • Legwork scenes are chapters that you write. You have the freedom to make things up. People, places, objects, names. My job as Judge is just to analyze it, tell you what the skill rolls are, and throw a wrench in the works (or two).
  • When you're describing the legwork scene, narrate it confidently, like you're telling us what happens in a movie. Assume you're in total control and you will definitely succeed from start to finish. This is your "master plan." Sure, it's not going to go exactly how you expect when you actually do it, but that's half the fun.
  • Once all complications have been dealt with, you're done. Cut to the next scene.

General Tips

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